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DLink, Real-time Data Engine at Petabyte Level
DLink can store various types of data uniformly and support multiple workloads such as combined stream and batch data processing, data analysis, and data science. With the architecture that decouples storage and compute, it enjoys flexible scaling, high concurrency and low latency, supports PB-level multi-modal data storage and processing, seamlessly links to the big data ecology, and enables one-stop data exploration and data development.
integration of streaming and batch data processing
DataFacts, One-stop Data Intelligent Service Platform
As a cloud-neutral and one-stop data intelligent service platform by Deepexi, DataFacts supports data engineers with out-of-the-box functions including data integration, data governance, data development and data catalog to lower the threshold for enterprises towards digital transformation, improve the efficiency of data intelligent platform construction, and empower enterprises to continuously deposit data assets, thus releasing data value in a sustainable manner.
data modelingdata developmentasset management
DataSense, Data Science Analysis Platform
As a pervasive and assembleable enterprise-level data application platform, DataSense integrates ML, NLP and other technologies, lowers the threshold of data usage and improves the availability of data assets through augmented data preparation and exploratory data analysis, offering data services and applications that fully cover enterprises.
AI chart reviewdata annotationautomatic modeling
Compliance and safety certification, with brand service assurance
Compliance and safety certification,
with brand service assurance
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